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Assistant Director Skills, Work and Inclusive Economy - Salary up to £80,000

We are delighted that you have taken the time to find out more about this key role, and hope that you find this information helpful in understanding what makes Salford so special, what make our organisation such a great place to work and what we mean by the Spirit of Salford - a feeling that anything is possible!

A welcome from John Searle, Strategic Director Place

You're likely to want to know more about us and why we believe anything is possible, so why not take a look:

  • We would like to introduce you to Salford
  • Our vision is to create ‘a fairer, greener and healthier Salford’ for all. To help us achieve this vision we have identified some key priorities to tackle the problems people in Salford are currently facing, the Great Eight.
  • As we strive to tackle inequality in the city we are beginning a journey of economic transformation, with the mapping out of the city’s economic future through key pieces of city council work. We’re calling this The Salford Way. Hear from our City Mayor Paul Dennett as he launches the ‘Salford Way’.
  • We have a vision for a fairer and more inclusive local economy that delivers greater social and environmental justice, where wealth is shared more widely across all our communities. ‘Closing the divide’ is our inclusive economy strategy to build an inclusive and green Salford economy for all.
  • We also want Salford to be a fairer and more inclusive place where everyone can reach their full potential and live prosperous and fulfilling lives free from poverty and inequality. ‘No one left behind’ is our anti-poverty strategy to prevent and reduce poverty in Salford.
  • We have teamed up with Crowdfunder to launch Crowdfund Salford! Using the power of the crowd, we’ll be helping projects to find the funding and support they need to turn their ideas into a reality.
  • It is ten years since construction began at MediaCityUK – in that time, the former wasteland that once housed Manchester’s docks has been transformed. Today, MediaCityUK is firmly established as the home to the BBC, ITV, dock10, the University of Salford, HOST and more than 250 creative, digital and technology businesses.
  • We are also home to RHS Garden Bridgewater - see how Europe's biggest gardening project is transforming lives.
  • Our Corporate Performance report outlines our key achievements during this challenging year in delivering our priorities and what we have been doing to make a difference to the lives of people living and working in Salford.
  • Anti-poverty strategy – Our Vision is to make Salford a fairer and more inclusive place where everyone can reach their full potential and live prosperous and fulfilling lives free from poverty and inequalities.
  • Employment skills strategy – Our Vision is for a world class labour market where all residents have equal access to high quality skills training; sustainable employment with a decent level of pay; and more opportunities for work progression.
  • Inclusive economy strategy – Our Vision Is for a fairer and more inclusive local economy that delivers greater social and environmental justice, where wealth is shared more widely across all our communities. An economy where every Salford citizen has the opportunity to participate and feel empowered to make a difference through their communities, workplaces and local democratic institutions.

You probably also want to know what it’s like to work here and how we do things so why not explore how:

  • What we as an organisation offer our people as recognition for their continued commitment and effort in building a fairer, greener and healthier Salford.
  • In Salford leadership is action and not a position - we lead through our behaviours and not through hierarchies or structures. What you do and how you behave is instrumental in developing a positive permission culture where all our people are empowered to develop different ways of doing things. Through demonstrating our leadership behaviours, you will be able to develop the values-based leadership skills and ways of working required to be successful in leading our organisation and shaping our city.
  • Putting people at the heart of success really is how we do things - we co-design services with the people who know most about what needs to change. Route29 is a great example of how our young people and key stakeholders have shaped our new approach to supporting young people in care or on the edge of care working as a ‘squad’ and using our innovative and people-centred ‘Salford Way’ change methodology.
  • Being awarded the Digital Council of the Year in 2018 gave us the platform to showcase why we are known as a city of innovation.
  • We do things differently here so trying new and different ways of working to improve outcomes for our residents is the norm - squad working is a great example of just that.
  • Our organisational culture and the way we do things is nationally recognised and is what helps make our organisation such a great place to work.

We would like to introduce you to the leadership team to give you an overview of how we are organised to achieve all of this:

Hopefully you have found this information useful and decide to make an application to make this easier please see below a summary of some of the important information:

How to apply

This guidance contains important information to help with your application:

  • Please provide a supporting statement along with a CV demonstrating how as the Assistant Director Skills, Works and Inclusive Economy you will create ‘a fairer, greener and healthier Salford’ and how you meet the requirements outlined in the role profile (no more than four sides of A4 in length), ensuring:
    • you address the key requirements as set out in the ‘what we need from you’ section of the role profile as this will be used as part of the assessment process.
    • all gaps in employment are fully explained on your CV as we may wish to verify this information during the recruitment process.
    • you provide the details of two referees. Note that we will only approach referees for candidates proceeding to final selection and only with your permission. Please clearly indicate whether we can approach each referee before the selection date.
  • Please also complete the Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form when you upload your details. We are keen to ensure that all our jobs are accessible to all members of the community and use this data to monitor our progress in doing this.

Please return your application by midnight on 16 January 2022 – no applications will be accepted once the long listing process has begun.

Following long listing, you will be contacted directly by Tile Hill to update you on the status of your application.

Interviews will be held virtually or through appropriate face to face socially distanced meetings, dependent upon public health guidance at the time.

To apply for this role, please click the link below:

For further information or a confidential discussion, please do not hesitate to contact Greg Hayes (07423 243415) or Clare Connor (0161 408 0703) at Tile Hill.

Our people are our greatest asset and therefore no unnecessary conditions or requirements will be applied which could have a disproportionately adverse effect on any one group. All sections of the population will have equal access to roles. No applicant or employee will receive less favourable treatment because of age, disability, gender, reassignment, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation, marriage or civil partnership and pregnancy or maternity unless a Genuine Occupational Qualification applies.

We are committed to making our recruitment practises barrier-free and as accessible as possible to everyone. This includes making adjustments or changes for disabled people or people with long-term health conditions. If you would like us to do anything differently during the recruitment process or provide any information in an alternative format please contact Greg Hayes (07423 243415) or Clare Connor (0161 408 0703) at Tile Hill.

Finally, we wish you every success in your application and hope to speak to you soon.