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Find out more about the Corporate Core Directorate:

Carol Culley

Deputy Chief Executive and City Treasurer

Image of Carol Cully

Fiona Ledden

City Solicitor

Image of Fiona Ledden

Fiona Ledden and Carol Culley have responsibility for the Corporate Core of the Council. The Corporate Core aims to:

  • help drive the Our Manchester Strategy, and the Corporate Plan that articulates the Council’s priorities for delivery
  • enable effective leadership by working with a range of external partners and all areas of the Council
  • deliver essential front-line services to our residents, including the Customer Contact Centre and Registrars
  • deliver effective support services
  • support our councillors in their roles, ensuring that they make legal and affordable decisions that are in the best interests of our residents.


As the Deputy Chief Executive and City Treasurer, Carol Culley has a varied and exciting role. Her responsibilities include Finance, Performance, and ICT and the role of S151 officer. She also has responsibility for driving a number of priorities such as leading on the Council's Zero Carbon Action Plan and as Senior Responsible Officer for The Factory and Our Town Hall projects, and delivery of the whole Council change programme

She is responsible for:

  • Customer Contact Centre, Parking Services, Revenues and Benefits, and the Shared Service Centre
  • Capital Programme Delivery
  • Financial Management, including Procurement and Commissioning and Commercial Governance
  • Human Resources and Organisational Development (HR/OD)
  • Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
  • Internal Audit, Health and Safety and Risk
  • Policy, Performance and Reform.


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Image of the This Is The Place Poem

As the City Solicitor, Fiona Ledden's Legal Services team undertake legal work for Salford City Council and the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, and provide legal support for some aspects of Rochdale Council. They also ensure that the democratic process is properly undertaken.

She is responsible for:

  • Strategic Communications
  • Registrars and Coroners
  • Elections
  • Governance team
  • Legal teams.

If you’re interested in working in any of our Corporate Core services then take a look at our current job vacancies.