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We want to support you to enjoy those special moments in life and help you when unexpected family matters or emergencies occur.  We have a whole package of family friendly policies in the form of parental leave, maternity, adoption, paternity special leave, flexible and SMART working. Our approach supports you to balance your work and home life when it matters most! Hear about Cal’s experience as a working Carer at Trafford...

A picture of Cal and her daughter

I am mum to a 22 year old young lady who is registered disabled and who has a severe learning disability.  My daughter has a rare genetic condition that has resulted in global developmental delay.  She has always been in special education provision.  She has severe communication problems and displays autistic tendencies in her behaviour.  I work full time and have worked at Trafford Council for the last 20 years. 

I have always found the Council to be incredibly supportive and flexible. 

My manager understands how difficult some days can be and how juggling work and caring responsibilities can take its toll.

The Council’s flexitime policy is particularly helpful – this allows me to help my daughter with her personal care in the morning and come in to work later. My team also work in a hybrid way – so I do have the opportunity to work from home.  This is also really helpful when juggling my caring responsibilities.

The reality of caring for a disabled daughter can be difficult at times and can take its toll.  I do feel supported at work and feel able to discuss my mental health with my manager in an open and honest way. The time off for emergencies provision is also helpful if I have an emergency and have to make other arrangements for her care.

I feel lucky that I am able to continue to work in a job I love whilst still being able to offer the care and on-going support my daughter needs.  I am also really pleased that the Council has developed a working carer action plan.  There is also a carer staff networking group which is beneficial as you can get support from others facing the same daily struggles.