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At Trafford we are all driven by a clear purpose, we want to make Trafford a place “where all our residents, communities and businesses prosper."  Whatever role you do within the Council we believe that every single one of our people has an instrumental part to play in helping us to make our vision a reality.

Our vision is about giving people in Trafford greater choice about where they live; to build and sustain thriving communities; and to develop areas which we can all take pride in. Our overarching aim is to make Trafford a place where residents start well, live well and age well.  

Our Corporate Plan explains how we will achieve our vision and work together to deliver for all of our residents, communities and businesses. We have committed to 3 key priorities that we will focus on until 2024. 


Priority 1

Reducing health inequalities 

We will work with people, communities and partners, particularly in deprived areas, to improve the physical and mental health of all our residents. 


Image of nurse with elderly lady

Priority 2 

Supporting people out of poverty 

We will tackle the root causes to prevent
people from falling into poverty, and
raising people out of it.

Image of children smiling

Priority 3 

Addressing our climate crises 

We will reduce our carbon footprint and
tackle the impact of climate change.



Image of yellow bicycle filled with plants

Our vision along with our priorities gives everyone working here at Trafford a clear sense of direction and a shared purpose irrespective of which directorate they work in or role that they do. 

And for us its not just about what we achieve as an organisation, but how we do it. Therefore, all employees are expected to share and demonstrate our EPIC Values.