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Greater Jobs
Greater Jobs really is the place to look for public sector roles in Greater Manchester and beyond. We are home to every job vacancy for 13 local authorities and key services in the North West.

Schools, colleges and academies advertise their vacancies here. As do the NHS, third sector organisations and other organisations from outside the region.

Collaborative working

Over recent years, the public sector has changed dramatically. Councils work together more now and so do other public sector organisations. Devolution is happening too, which will bring local authorities and partners like the NHS even closer. We needed to reflect those changes on our website. We needed to go further. And we did, with a simpler application process, and real insight into our regions and organisations.

Candidate Engagement

As well as making our website visually appealing, we also realise the importance of creating a seamless, enjoyable, and user friendly candidate experience. Our partners each have their own application site which also include bespoke illustrations, to maintain the individuality we're keen to express.

We aim to ensure that advertisements are informative but concise, providing a brief description of what roles involve and what the successful candidate would be expected to achieve.

Site Statistics

We've achieved incredible site statistics since our launch in December 2016.

Here are some of the key stats:

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You can make sure you don’t miss that ideal job – by setting up job alerts, you will be automatically notified when an opportunity that fits your criteria is advertised.

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