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Greater Jobs
Greater Jobs

Working as a nurse in a care home is one of the most rewarding and valued roles in the profession. Here, you can truly get to know residents, and impact, not just their lives, but their families and loved ones.

There’s never been a more exciting time to join the sector, too, as we’re working closer than ever with local care and learning organisations. We’re putting care homes at the heart of the community, ensuring care home nurses are seen as equal partners, and have the support they need.

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Our care home nurses are in a privileged position: able to build close relationships with residents, their families and loved ones. It means that when you join us and you’ll be caring for the whole person, not just the condition. We can plan care with our residents and loved ones, not just for them. You’ll also be an integral, and influential part of the primary care team. It’s a pivotal role bringing together many professions and organisations such as social workers, GPs, pharmacists and opticians, to ensure that the residents receive the very best care.

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It's challenging work. No two days are the same, and you’ll be juggling the varying needs of your residents. Good management is key: you’ll need to prioritise visits from the general practice, delegate work effectively, advocate for residents and of course, provide the highest quality care.

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Arguably, no other field of nursing offers the same stage to apply all of your skills. The ‘big picture’ exposure that comes with working across primary care and learning programmes provided by our care sector providers will expand your professional knowledge, and help you to fulfil your potential.

While the role calls for a special and skilled practitioner, we welcome applications from nurses new to this area of work, and from a wide range of specialisms. If wanted, mentorship and buddy programmes are available to support you with clinical supervision.