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Greater Jobs
Greater Jobs

Working for Salford

Join us as we take you through the fabulous benefits of working for Salford City Council!


Leadership in Salford

We have some amazing challenges and opportunities presented by our transformation agenda, devolution, and public sector reform, the ability to lead and manage large-scale change has never been more important.

In order to meet our aim where all individuals and teams benefit from excellent leadership and all leaders have the skills and behaviours to successfully lead and implement change, we need ‘transformational’ leaders that will help shape our city.

We need values-based leaders who can achieve results through and with others, leaders who have the skills and confidence to carry out the people aspects of their roles; leaders who are coaches and developers of people and leaders who can lead the way forward-taking a place and whole system approach to leadership.

Join us as we take you through our innovative and extensive leadership behaviours programme.

Our city - Salford

It's no Salfordinary City!


Creating a better and fairer Salford


We want to make a real difference to the lives of Salford people, and to achieve this vision, we've identified our eight key priorities, which we've called the Great Eight. These are:


  1. Tackling poverty and inequality
  2. Education and skills
  3. Health and social care
  4. Economic development
  5. Housing
  6. Transport
  7. A transparent effective organisation
  8. Social impact


Set by our City Mayor, Paul Dennett, these key priorities will guide us in allocating resources and agreeing our plans. They are also supported by the council's core values: pride, passion, people and personal responsibility, which underpin what we do and the way we work.