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Greater Jobs
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Find out more, first hand from our people about the great rewards, support, development and benefits to working at Trafford Council...

A Picture of Cal and Katie

Cal's Story - A working Carer

Hear more about Cal's experience of being at working Carer at Trafford and how she is supported to manage her work/life balance.

A Picture of Nicola

Nicola's Story - Career Journey 

Hear more about Nicola’s career journey, how she came to work at Trafford and why she is passionate about her role and the team she works in.


A Picture of Nichola

Nichola's Story - Coaching Apprenticeship

Learn more about Nichola's coaching apprenticeship journey, what she has enjoyed, learned and found a challenge. 

A Group Picture of apprentices

Our Apprentices Stories 

Hear from our apprentices past and present about their learning journey's and their successes.