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Wigan Pride celebrates Wigan’s LGBTQ+ community, with a pride parade that takes over the town centre. In Wigan we are proud to have such a diverse community and Wigan Pride allows us to celebrate this in spectacular fashion.

Wigan Pride is an asset to the borough, promoting positive messages of inclusion and diversity.

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Wigan's first pride parade took place this year with forty local organisations celebrating Wigan's diversity as the march with pride travelled through the town.

A community hub on Believe Square allowed people to learn about and join all the amazing community organisations that are at the heart of the borough.



Zak Bretherton, BYOU PLUS Co-founder

"We have worked very hard to be inclusive and family friendly orientated to encourage people of all ages to celebrate the social movement and LBBTQ+ journey in Britain."

Tracie Smith, CCG

"The community has come so far and has made many strides in their fight for complete equality in the Wigan Borough."

Wigan Pride brings our borough together by providing a fun atmosphere to be enjoyed by all the family, and is one of many reasons why Wigan is a fantastic place to live, work and visit.

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